Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

Thanks to God Almighty, Metrasaman Engineering Co. manager, align with the company’s policies, and in order to protect human resources, environment, the company’s assets and credit, gives his first priority to the establishment and implementation of the integrated HSE system, and undertakes to implement the projects in the way that negative environmental impacts will be minimized and the health and safety of the employees and the clients will be maximized.

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives and obligations, the company establishes the following principles:  

To develop the sense of responsibility and responsiveness among all staff including employees, managers and contractors: Managers and authorities are in charge of maintenance and implementation of HSE systems in the department under their management along with the overall management of the company.

Metrasaman Engineering Co. always tries to identify, evaluate and decrease the negative effects of its activities on health, safety and environment. It identifies and manages the health, safety and environmental risks by applying preventive measures.

The company follows the rules, guidelines and national and international standards related to health, safety and environment in its various sections and stages of its activities.

In order to achieve continuous improvement in the protection of health, safety and the environment, Metrasaman Engineering Co. sets goals and continuously evaluates the HSE management system, and implements the necessary corrective measures.

In order to increase the level of active participation, and to raise the awareness of personnel on health, safety and environment issues, the company periodically organizes open and constructive communication space for all staff and stockholders.

The manager believes that the performance of all employees and contractors of the company in the field of HSE increases the productivity and growth of the company, therefore, guaranteeing the implementation of this policy is considered to be the duty of all staff and it is necessary to follow.

Although the fact that a company would be established and independent via registering in Companies Registration Office with a registration date and number, Metrasaman Engineering Co. started its activity in the early 1990s firstly as Technical Engineering Management, and secondly as the Road and Construction Department of Nasr Misagh Ahvaz Co. with technical and managerial knowledge and specialized technical facilities and machinery, in order to create job opportunities and earn money, and thus to help the country's development.

Developing significantly, implementing large construction projects, and gaining valuable experiences in various fields of execution, Metrasaman Engineering Co. was registered in Companies Registration Office of Tehran on June 9, 2010, under the registration No.377164, as a subsidiary holding company of Nasr Misagh Ahvaz Co., and then it was transferred to Companies Registration Office of Ahvaz and registered under No.41233. The determination of the company's manager over the years has always been in the direction of development, eminence, and strengthening the position and credibility of the company. Now the company is proud to achieve great goals, be famous and well-trained in competing with the best domestic companies and be trusted by employers and stockholders by taking advantage of the long expensive experience in the field of civil engineering, as well as having expert, capable, experienced and intelligent staff.

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